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Access to a private Discord server full of highly experienced Traders & Investors, a private Telegram channel where Siam shares every trade he makes, weekly live sessions & massive 1 day events of learning during the day and partying in the evening (every quarter)… you’re going to love this family…

So what do I get with my
RT Membership?

There are so many reasons why people love being part of the Realistic Trader community. Below are some of the benefits of joining the RT.

Private Discord Server

As soon as you join the RT Community you get access to our private Discord server where you can meet, chat and ask any questions to our amazing community.

60+ Hours of Video Content

In our portal there are over 60 hours of educational content that will teach you everything you need to know to trade safely, split into easy to digest modules.

Live Sessions with Mentors

We have some fantastic mentors (or Avengers as we call them!) who are trading experts, here to help the community. Each week they host an interactive live session for all our members.

Meet ups Every 2 Months

Each quarter we host meet ups with talks from Siam and guest speakers. These are free to our members and include food and drinks throughout the day. We also have a MEGA event once a year which are not to be missed!

Private Telegram Channel

Members get access to our Private Telegram channel where Siam posts all his trades and other important information. Whilst you can copy Siam's trades, only do so when you know what you're doing!

Live Sessions with Siam

Every week Siam hosts a 'Trading Pub' via Zoom where he goes over the latest in the markets. This is also a great time to ask Siam directly any questions you may have.

Induction Call to get you started

All new members are invited to book an induction call with our team, to make sure they know exactly what tools are available to them and to check they're ready to go!

Loyalty Discount after 1 Year

We hope that when you've learnt how to trade from our videos you don't 'need' us anymore! However we want you to stay with us so we cut the membership price in half after the first year with us.

As part of your RT Membership, You also get FULL access to the

Wealth Action Plan

 Siam’s “Netflix for Business” Community

Just some of the topics covered in The WAP:

Once your Portfolio is set up & cashflowing, then you need to devour Siam’s videos.

Here, you will learn the exact trading methods Siam deploys on the market, which market conditions, which assets and when!

Why do I need to learn about Trading?
Why do I need to learn about Trading? Ironically, most Crypto dabblers have no interest in learning how to trade properly. But the better a trader you become, the better a Crypto investor you become. So it’s essential that you know all of Siam’s trading methods.

So, in a nutshell...


You’ll learn how to properly develop and master the crazy life skill of Trading. Once you know how to Trade, like the skill of driving, you will then be able to Trade ALL markets. Crypto, Currencies, Commodities, Stocks and more.


How to really identify the low risk, high probability outcomes trades with their pre-determined entries and exits. You effective become the casino and put Maths and statistics on your side.


Learn how to profit and pounce on falling markets. There is always a market in the world that is crashing or is about to crash.


You will learn pretty much the opposite of what any free information you’ll find on the Internet. Anything you find online about Trading these days is from marketers who don’t actually trade! Just google Trading patterns and you’ll see things like Head & Shoulders etc. Yeah…stuff like that is the quickest way to burn cash!


You’ll actually learn how to create a new Trading strategy from scratch on your own! Once this clicks, you’ll understand Trading at a much deeper level than most and you’ll know yourself what methods are good or bad etc.

I would never have had the confidence to invest without Siam’s course. It explained things in a simple non tech way and gave a simple formula.

Fantastic currency course, has really demystified this new way of exchanging currency and enabled me as a basic user of technology to become invested. Thanks Siam.

All Yours For £4800 per year.

Think of this compared to a Uni degree. At Uni most people end up £50k in debt for a degree that in most cases they’ll never use. Whereas this is only £4800 per year and you’ll actually end up with a life skill that actually makes money…

So treat this as an intense year of learning and then aim to start earning money from Year 2 onwards…

Our Loyalty Pricing Structure

Our video courses are a major source of value for RT members, as they teach you how to trade effectively and responsibly. After completing the content and receiving support for a year, we hope you will have gained the skills and confidence to continue trading independently. However, we would be delighted if you choose to remain a member and take advantage of additional benefits such as live sessions with Siam and the mentors, Telegram updates, bi-monthly meet-ups, and being part of a supportive community.

We reflect this in our loyalty pricing structure:

First Year

£500/m or £4800/y

Years 2 to 5

£250/m or £2500/y

After 5 Years

Free forever!


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Please choose either a monthly or annual subscription


(It’s not that small, we’re upfront with everything we do!)

This a 12 month membership to our Trading Community and all it offers. You may cancel after your 12 months are complete. We make this a 12 month commitment because there is a steep learning curve and it’s important that you are exposed to everything over the space of a year (including a whole year of market movements as it behaves differently throughout the year) in order to fully understand and implement everything safely.

If this time commitment is unpalatable, then Trading is not for you.

P.S. For this to be a success for you, you really need to be committing yourself to learning everything we have to offer and IMPLEMENTING IT over the course of a year. 

We accept various types of Crypto as payment, but only for the whole annual membership up front. The reason being is that we can’t check monthly payments coming in from lots of different people. Or when/if some payments stop etc. Hope this makes sense. If you’d like to join the community and pay with Crypto, please email us for more details.

This is obviously a common-sense warning, but we wish to be very clear here that if you are financially unstable, Trading is definitely NOT for you. It’s only worth embarking on if you have a secure income and at least £10 000 to put in a Trading account to then trade with long term. Also please don’t borrow money to trade with or to join this community! Hope this makes sense.

The Realistic Trader is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of any disability, is able to participate in and benefit from our training. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you by e-mailing: [email protected]
Still not sure? That’s understandable, it’s a big decision

What if you sign up and discover that trading is not your thing? We understand committing to 12 months is a significant undertaking, and not everyone is suited for trading. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of seven hours of videos that can change your perspective.

Our hope is that you’ll find Trading to be a good fit for you, and that you’ll become a part of our exceptional community. However, if that’s not the case, that’s fine, and we hope you will gain valuable insights from the knowledge we provide in these free videos.

Once you’ve watched the videos, if you decide that trading would be beneficial to you and you want to keep learning, you can sign up to join The RT Community!

Siam being interviewed about Trading on the prestigious Chat With Traders Podcast.

“Absolutely brilliant. Siam and his team have opened my eyes to the world of finance, trading, investments and business growth. I have learnt so much over the last 3 months and am very excited and confident that I can have a prosperous financial future with the help of the fantastic community that Siam has created. I would highly recommend this to everyone!”