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Our students are what makes our community so special. Siam has enjoyed interviewing a few RT students to discover their views on being part of the Realistic Trader community.

Student Spotlight Videos

Travis Millott

I've been watching the videos for the past couple months, I've been hesitant to place my first trade. But knowing that I'd only do 0.1% MR really helped with the hesitancy.

I finally jumped in with my first trade, it had an awesome setup imo (confluence of resistance + a high test + kobo). I only earned 1.8R on this one, maybe I snatched profits too soon, but I'm feeling great about it.

Thank you Siam, and the avengers too!

Shaun Ettienne

Decided to dip my little toes into bybit.....

Thanks to Siam's alerts and my own bybit strategy (1 trade at a time using 10x, defo not advising anyone to follow) placed my 1st trade on Sunday on APE.....

Fast forward 3 days and my initial 5k is now 15k.....

Siam "da GOD" 🤣

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Sean Wong

I am blown away by your content! I said in my post in “success stories”, joining has been the best decision I have made this year. 

Unfortunately for the time zones (I am in Canada), I miss your live zooms, but I follow the replays religiously. I have progressed through a good amount of the course, and that has given me so much value. I can’t tell you how much money I have lost this year by blindly following crypto twitter/youtube and learning these skills has been so empowering. I am excited to work through more.

What I am currently getting the most value out of is your Bybit telegram trade posts, particularly when you highlight your reasons for entering a trade in detail. I don’t always follow your trades, but seeing your thought process is so helpful.

Thanks for the work that you are doing. I appreciate it so much.


Alan Griffin

I have to personally thank you for the community you are building and the life changing tools you are sharing.

Though I’ve taken more risk per trade than you would advise, and it goes without saying future returns can’t be expected, I have some success that I thought you should know about.

I just followed your plays for 37 days religiously and was able to scalp and scrape a 10k account into what just officially crossed over the 30k Total Realized P&L

You really are a breath of fresh air in this space, I’ll be your student for as long as you choose to teach

So much to learn, thank you for opportunity.


Robert Youngs

It’s been so cool to see all the success in this thread for everyone as well as the words of caution and advice in other threads.

I’ve been doing well with Siam’s trades the past month, however in a chat with a friend in the group I realized I’ve been trading futures as if I’m trading my actual balance, not the balance available with 5x. That explained why my profits were so low lol.

I love the philosophy and advice Siam has been posting lately, super helpful for me on my learning journey. So, I’d also taken to heart what Siam has said about not getting over confident. It felt like a good time to see what kind of trader I am, my tendencies, to pause and reflect. = I love to snatch profits too soon and tend to be risk adverse.

So today I increased my trade size which for me was a difficult thing to do being so risk adverse, again, that’s my personal hurdle.

Just made 120% on the LUNA short and 85% on the AVAX short on double the trade size I’d used in the past.
Made more on those two than I had in the entire month of previous winning trades.
-Not to worry, I’ll not get cocky or let the endorphins kick in, as I said I have the opposite problem 🙂

Also wanted to say thank you to Siam for having us sidestep our longs back in December.
I was pretty much a hodler then and I’m SO grateful to have gotten out, even with a couple losses then so that I have dry powder with which to play.

Thanks to everyone in the group, Siam and the Avengers for the support and advice. Thank you Lewis and Matt for keeping things running smoothly.

Having a blast with the wins as well as the losses (learning experiences!).
Still lots to learn!


Greg Hylands

Siam’s TG voice message (on confidence vulnerability) really resonated with me. I’ve been doing well with the Bybit trading (about 2.5x up on the account in a month)… and I’m by no means an experienced trader, just following the learnings from the RT course / group / calls.

I’ve been resisting the urge to increase the account size / max. risk per trade thinking I’d have made even more profit (which is only confirmed in hindsight). Instead I’ve continuously been taking out profit to be on the safe side, as I’d hate to see it get liquidated, so there’s only the original capital in the account that I’m ‘happy’ to lose.

I’m only using a small amount of the pot for trading, but profits are enough to take the family to Disneyland. So that’s what we’re going to do – it’s booked for the end of this month!

Numbers on the screen are great, but you gotta enjoy it too…

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