It’s time to stop hunting for get rich quick schemes…

The internet is full of marketers pretending to be Traders…

So if you’re a busy professional wanting to learn how to grow your capital properly, you need to understand that…


It’s an echo chamber of imposters/marketers with a superficial level of market knowledge all copying each other’s YouTube videos!

Now The Realistic Trader community is possibly the right place for you. But first of all, we need to address the elephant in the room. The inconvenient truths for both of us…

Do these points make sense?

Here’s the good news then…

You CAN still become a profitable Trader & Investor.

Provided you:

i.) Understand the arena you’re getting into and,

ii.) Are prepared to put in the learning and application of that learning.

And that’s what The Realistic Trader community is all about. It’s a 12 month programme that’s designed to take realistic people with no knowledge on anything, to competent Crypto market participants.

Think of it as an open-university degree. But instead of emerging with a pointless degree, £60k in student debt and a job that will never recoup your uni-debts, with The Realistic Trader, you’ll emerge as someone who:

1.) …now has a sound understanding of how the world and world markets actually work and will never be scared or oblivious as to what’s actually happening on the macro-scene. Even better, you’ll be able to anticipate what Governments and Central Banks will do.

2.) …understands that conventional investing methods are actually used to keep the population poor. And you’ll know exactly what to invest in, when to invest in it, how to do it and more importantly, WHEN to lock in profits.

3.) …comprehensively understands Crypto. How it moves, why it moves, which ones are likely to go up/down and your trained Crypto BS detector will save you thousands in mistakes and hopefully be rather profitable for yourself.

4.) …actually knows how to trade properly. This is the underlying skill that you will be armed with. Those that know how to trade are actually far better than investors who don’t know how to trade. That’s because you will know what makes a price tick…

So will you make big bags of money?

We have no idea! Probably not. Frankly, anyone who says you definitely will, (after learning their snazzy trading system) is someone to avoid!

So here’s another truth:

Over the last decade, The Realistic Trader has trained people that have done spectacularly well on the markets. A couple even better than Siam (our Founder). But sadly, there have been many more people that haven’t done as well. Some end up as breakeven operators and a small handful have blown everything and then blamed everyone but themselves!

Which is rather akin to life isn’t it? Just like in school, everything is as standardised as possible, but at the end, we all get different grades. Trading and Investing are the same.

Having said this, the common theme we get with those that blow their load, is that they barely watched any of the training videos, they didn’t watch the weekly market updates, they didn’t execute the trading systems we teach, they had zero risk management and ‘bet’ FAR too much per move and inevitably, when they blow up, guess what…? They have zero personal accountability!

I think we all know at least 1 family member like this lol!

So what CAN we actually guarantee?

Well, not much actually. Everything depends on you

At the minimum, if it turns out you’re just not suited to investing, trading and crypto, then you will have self-awareness to not do it. You’ll definitely learn the MASSIVE dos/don’ts that will help prevent you from losing your shirt. 

And if you watch all the videos, try your hardest and attend the physical meet ups, you’ll at least make some bloody good friends and understand how the world works!

Have we put you off yet? 😀

Ahh cool, you’re still here. Lovely jubbly.

HOW do we turn you into the next Warren Buffett then?



Remember, this is just like doing a very practical & useful 12 month uni degree. So the most important thing you’re investing in is your mind.

Which is why we have an 80+ hour training course. We know you’ve binged many more hours on a Netflix series before, so it’s time to binge again!

This way it ensures minimum information fade and if you watch a couple hours a day/night, then you’ll have breezed through the course in about 6 weeks!

The above video is a recording of one of the live Trading Pubs that are held every week.



On top of this, there will be a weekly market update by one of the Realistic Trader mentors. These are crucial!

They keep you current, ahead of the curve and also a heads up on what they personally are putting their own money into.

It’s a great way to look behind the curtain of a real market pro. Not some random YouTuber shills.

Siam also holds a live 2 hour Zoom session and Q&A once a week, covering everything from Macro-economics, the markets, and charting.



In the sense that your normal friends are going to quickly get bored of you talking about interest rates, the FED and what crazy things the digital currency world is doing!

So you can attend a physical gathering every 2 months which are oh so worth it.

Here you’ll get presentations from Siam and guest speakers. This is a strict NO-SELLING event. Hell, RT doesn’t have any up, side or down sells anyway!

This is where you’ll make good friends as these gatherings always end up doing some sort of bar crawl!



Trading Log review. Sounds boring, but it’s incredibly important.

Watching all the videos is one thing, but you then actually need to IMPLEMENT all the techniques you’ve learned.

With fake money or very small amounts to begin with, but either way, we will do a thorough trading log review every 50 trades you do per strategy.

Believe it or not, even if you have a really bad run of trades, during these reviews, it’s often you’ll learn of some tweaks that make a tremendous difference to your P&L.



Access to the RT Discord server.

This is where you can ask any and all of your questions and get answers from other experienced members and RT Mentors.

And that’s it! Probably doesn’t sound much, but we cannot stress how much life-changing knowledge you’re going to learn. 

The programme is filled with hours of content/techniques/strategies that you simply can’t just ‘Google’.

So if we seem like a right fit for you, and you’re someone who totally understands everything we’ve laid out here and you want to take proactive action on your learning and do your future self a favour, join the family:

All Yours For £4800 per year.

Think of this compared to a Uni degree. At Uni most people end up £60k in debt for a degree that in most cases they’ll never use. Whereas this is only £4800 per year and you’ll actually end up with a life skill that actually makes money

So treat this as an intense year of learning and then aim to start earning money from Year 2 onwards…

Our loyalty pricing structure…

We value our community and thank them for being part of this journey by reducing the membership cost. Members who have been with us for 5+ years do not have to pay a penny!

£500/m or £4800/y

YEARS 2 to 5
£250/m or £2500/y

Free Forever!

Forgot to mention, we love overloading you with oodles of amazing content, so as part of your membership, you will also get full unrestricted access to the WEALTH ACTION PLAN

This is a VAST library of videos that help you set up, run, grow and sell a business.

the Wealth Action Plan

 Siam’s “Netflix for Business” Community

Just some of the topics covered in The WAP:

Still not sure? That’s understandable, it’s a big decision

What if you sign up and discover that trading is not your thing? We understand committing to 12 months is a significant undertaking, and not everyone is suited for trading. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of seven hours of videos that can change your perspective.

Our hope is that you’ll find Trading to be a good fit for you, and that you’ll become a part of our exceptional community. However, if that’s not the case, that’s fine, and we hope you will gain valuable insights from the knowledge we provide in these free videos.

Once you’ve watched the videos, if you decide that trading would be beneficial to you and you want to keep learning, you can sign up to join The RT Community!