The Realistic Trader Loyalty Discount

As you’ve previously been a loyal community member of The Realistic Trader we are delighted to offer you a massive membership discount! 

If you re-join the RT Community before the end of the year, we’ll half the cost of your membership! I know, we’re awesome…

But it gets better! When you’ve been a paying community member for 5 years running, you’ll never have to pay for membership again! You heard that right, you’ll be granted lifetime access to the community for free!

So make sure you re-join the RT before the end of 2022 to get this discount.

Take a look at what you get when you join the RT!

Private Discord Server

As soon as you join the RT Community you get access to our private Discord server where you can meet, chat and ask any questions to our amazing community.

60+ Hours of Video Content

In our portal there are over 60 hours of educational content that will teach you everything you need to know to trade safely, split into easy to digest modules.

Live Sessions with Mentors

We have some fantastic mentors (or Avengers as we call them!) who are trading experts, here to help the community. Each week they host an interactive live session for all our members.

Private Telegram Channel

Members get access to our Private Telegram channel where Siam posts all his trades and other important information. Whilst you can copy Siam's trades, only do so when you know what you're doing!

Live Sessions with Siam

Every week Siam hosts a 'Trading Pub' via Zoom where he goes over the latest in the markets. This is also a great time to ask Siam directly any questions you may have.

Quarterly Meetups

Each quarter we host meet ups with talks from Siam and guest speakers. These are free to our members and include food and drinks throughout the day. We also have a MEGA event once a year which are not to be missed!

YOu will also get full access to the wap!

In case you didn’t know, Siam also runs a business called The Wealth Action Plan (The WAP) which is an educational platform where students can learn all about finance, business and much more! 

As part of your Realistic Trader membership, you will now also get full access to all the amazing content offered by The WAP!

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