Crypto Tax Planning

With Steve “Crypto Tax” Collins

Book your 90 minute Crypto Tax Planning session with Steve today to:

After your payment has been taken you will be able to book your 90 minute session for a time and date that works for you!

Meet Steve, the Crypto Accountant

Steve is a registered accountant and Director of a rapidly expanding practice in Norwich. 

Steve has a deep Oil & Gas Mergers and Acquisitions background orchestrating 7-8 figure deals and is therefore well versed in financial engineering. Not only that, he’s a full on Crypto degen with endless stupid NFTs bursting from his MetaMask! So yeah, he ‘gets’ Crypto! 

During your 90-minute Zoom call with Steve he will dive into your business/crypto situation and with his extensive financial engineering skills, he will outlay the best course of action for you and/or your business. 

After understanding your personal situation, Steve will also discuss with you how you can be more tax-efficient moving forward while staying in line with the current laws and regulations.

Please note, this service is tailored for people within the UK as different countries have different laws and regulations. While Steve is a tax genius, he probably doesn’t know every rule for all the countries around the world!

If you have any questions about this service please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Becoming a client of Steve ranges from £600/m upwards, but this is NOT a sales call to get you into his firm. The sole goal of this 90 minute session is to:

  • Ensure you’re being as tax efficient as you can.
  • Ensuring you’re legally paying the least amount of Crypto tax possible or to even get some rebates.
  • Potentially identifying how you can position yourself NOW so you won’t need to pay Crypto CGT in the future…